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A little about me.

I’m Tania, Ceramic artist and founder of Leaf & Clay, Sydney based pottery studio. Since the birth of my youngest child, i have had an increased desire to live a more creative life. I was born an artistic soul, it’s the fire in my belly, and aside from my gorgeous family, is what drives me through life. 

The process of working a lump of clay is primal, and the sensation of muddy earth swirling within the palm of your hands nourishes the soul. On the very rare occasion that I’m blessed with a quiet studio, working with clay becomes my time to slow down, clear my mind and be present in the moment. Creating functional pieces with my bare hands is an incredibly grounding experience, one which I have shared with my children. It has allowed me to reconnect with my creative self, and has enriched my life in so many ways. 

Gathering inspiration from nature, the seasons, our incredible Australian landscape & cultural influences, my work is a collection of slow made, handcrafted functional pieces, thoughtfully designed with purpose in mind. Every part of the making process passes through my hands, nothing is outsourced or mass produced and each piece is unique.

I hope by sharing a little piece of my story I inspire others to chase dreams, live slower, infuse moments and appreciate some of life’s simple pleasures. 


Want to get in touch?

Send your enquiry to hello@leafandclay.com.au .

I Look forward to hearing from you!

Lets stay connected! Follow my journey on Instagram @leafandclay_studio

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